Mitsubishi Inverter FR-F720 series  FR-F720-37K

Manufacturer: MITSUBISHI
Origin: Chính hãng
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Serie: Mitsubishi Inverter FR-F720 series

Model: FR-F720-37K


Application of Inverter Mitsubishi FR-F720

ND: Fans, Pumps, HVAC

Power supply

Three-phase 200 to 220V 50Hz, 200 to 240V 60Hz

Rated capacity


Rated current


Output frequency range

0.5 to 400Hz

Starting Torque

120% (3Hz) when set to simple magnetic flux vector control and slip compensation

Overload current rating

120% 60s, 150% 3s (inverse time characteristics)

Control Method

V/F control, Simple magnetic flux vector control

Braking unit



You can select any twelve signals using Pr.178 to Pr.189 (input terminal function selection) from among multi speed selection, second function selection, terminal 4 input selection, JOG operation selection, selection of automatic restart after instantaneous power failure, external thermal relay input, HC connection (inverter operation enable signal), HC connection (instantaneous power failure detection), PU operation/external inter lock signal , PID control enable terminal, PU operation, external operation switchover, output stop, start self-holding selection, forward rotation command, reverse rotation command, inverter reset, PTC thermistor input, PID forward reverse operation switchover, PU-NET operation switchover, NET-external operation switchover, command source switchover


up-to-speed, instantaneous power failure /undervoltage, overload warning, output frequency detection, second output frequency detection, regenerative brake prealarm, inverter operation ready, output current detection, PID lower limit, PID upper limit, PID forward rotation reverse rotation output, fan fault output, heatsink overheat pre-alarm, inverter running start command on, deceleration at an instantaneous power failure, PID control activated, during retry, during PID output suspension, life alarm, alarm output 3 (power-off signal), maintenance timer alarm

Protection Function

Overcurrent during acceleration, overcurrent during constant speed, overcurrent during deceleration, overvoltage during acceleration, overvoltage during constant speed, overvoltage during deceleration, inverter protection thermal operation, motor protection thermal operation, heatsink overheat, instantaneous power failure occurrence, undervoltage, input phase failure, motor overload, overcurrent, output phase failure, parameter error, PU disconnection, retry count excess, CPU alarm, operation panel power supply short circuit, 24VDC power output short circuit, output current detection value excess, inrush resistance overheat, communication alarm (inverter), analog input alarm, internal circuit alarm (15V power supply), fan fault, overcurrent stall prevention, overvoltage stall prevention, electronic thermal relay function prealarm, PU stop, maintenance timer alarm*1, brake transistor alarm*4, parameter write error, copy operation error, operation panel lock, parameter copy alarm

Main Control Functions

Maximum and minimum frequency settings, frequency jump operation, external thermal relay input selection, polarity reversible operation, automatic restart after instantaneous power failure operation, original operation continuation at instantaneous power failure, commercial power supply-inverter switchover operation, forward/reverse rotation prevention, operation mode selection, PID control, computer link operation (RS-485).


PU connector, RS-485 tserminal

Peripheral Devices and Options

16-bit digital input, Digital output, extension analog output, Relay output, Communication CC-LINK, LONWORKS, Parameter unit (Eightlanguages), Parameter unit connection cable, Operation panel connection connector, AC reactor, DC reactor, Line noise filter, Brake unit, Resistor unit, Power regeneration common

Converter, Dedicated stand-alone reactor for the FR-CV, Power regeneration converter, High power factor converter, Surge voltage suppression filter, Sine wave filter

Degree of protection

IP 20 (enclosure type)

Document of Mitsubishi Inverter FR-F720 series

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